Payment Information

Furitek USA makes paying for your orders simple, fast and easy! Please see below in relation to all our policies and information when it comes to payment related issues & questions.

Payment Methods

- Credit Card (Visa / MasterCard / American Express)
- PayPal
- Affirm

PayPal Shipping Information

Please note that Furitek USA bases all orders placed in our system in direct reference to the shipping address the customer has inputted. Please be aware that we do not utilize the customers noted PayPal address that is noted in PayPal, as our system does not have the ability to transpose PayPal shipping address information when the customer places an order with us.

Affirm Information

Affirm is an excellent option to assist customers with larger / higher costs orders via monthly payments that are very affordable. This system is easy to use, incredibly safe, and allows the customer to choose a payment plan that works the very best based upon what is in need.

Regarding any payment related questions with Affirm, approval issues and so forth, please be aware that Furitek USA can only offer basic information about these issues, as the customers privacy is protected via Affirm. The customer may be directed to Affirm for direct support, as our staff at Furitek USA is limited on what options can be offered when using Affirm.

For all Affirm based payment orders, all such orders must be placed online via the Furitek USA website. Due to the verification process and privacy / security measures Affirm employs, our staff at Furitek USA cannot process manual orders using Affirm.

Payment Security

When it comes to shopping with Furitek USA, rest assured that we utilize the latest safety & security technologies available, allowing any order you place with us to be done so via the ultimate in security and safety.

Furitek USA utilizes the latest SSL secure systems, and our website is monitored, checked and carefully covered via multiple 3rd party security systems to maintain maximum levels of shopping safety. 

All credit card data is 100% unavailable to our staff and cannot be accessed by any staff member at anytime.

Fraud Detection Systems

Furitek USA utilizes multiple fraud detection systems to verify all orders we receive. These systems carefully check multiple parameters of every order generated, and depending upon the situation, can require additional time to properly verify payment details before an order is shipped.

Due to high levels of attempted fraud, please be aware that any order submitted to Furitek USA may require careful overview. The time required to process an order will vary, and certain orders will require greater amounts of time before we are able to safely release the order.

If the customer's order is requiring greater levels of fraud verification, please note that Furitek USA cannot be held liable for any delays, nor can we be held liable for expedited shipping options that have been paid for, as these expedited shipping options will still be utilized upon release of the order. 

If an expedited shipping method was paid for, these payments are not available for refund or credit based upon delays with an order requiring greater levels of fraud overview. These delays are not common, but are areas outside of our control when it comes to the necessary time for payment verification.

Based upon the systems we have in place, we will do our very best to expedite any order placed with us. However, due to the variables of the fraud protection systems we utilize, please bear in mind that we cannot guarantee shipping times.

If an order is found to be fraudulent (or carries risks we cannot assume), our team will cancel the order and issue a full refund of the order value. 

In the case of orders that are not deemed as fraud but simply carry too many risks to ship, our team will reach out to the noted customer and present alternative payment options in hopes of another option for a viable order.

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