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Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON RTR BRUSHLESS 1/18 RC CRAWLER KIT (Black with Flames)

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary RC journey with the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON - the FIRST-EVER Ready-to-Run (RTR) Brushless Mini Crawler Kit that's about to redefine your off-road experience!

Introducing the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON - a blend of unparalleled performance and captivating aesthetics that's set to revolutionize the RC landscape. With an unrivaled distinction as the very first RTR Brushless Mini Crawler Kit, this compact powerhouse promises to transport you into a world of heart-pounding excitement.
The FX118 FURY WAGON doesn't just push boundaries; it redefines them. Featuring a meticulously crafted performance-built chassis that seamlessly fuses robust engineering with a scaled-down visual allure. It's not just a vehicle; it's a work of art in motion.
Beneath its visually stunning exterior lies a meticulously designed anodized aluminum chassis, boasting multiple upper link and shock mounting locations. The cleverly engineered very low center of gravity (CG) design ensures stability and control like never before. And those oil-filled shocks with aluminum caps? They're ready to absorb the harshest of terrains, delivering a smooth and controlled ride that keeps you in command.

Get ready for versatility like never before with the FX118 FURY WAGON's innovative servo-on-axle design and all-metal gears. It's a recipe for sheer performance that's tough enough to handle the most challenging landscapes, while maintaining the grace and precision of a seasoned dancer.

Equipped with the prowess of the Furitek Venom brushless motor and the cutting-edge Furitek Lizard Pro brushless ESC featuring FOC technology, the FX118 FURY WAGON unleashes an unmatched combination of power and precision. The best part? No more fretting over intricate system setups to optimize your crawling performance. This innovative kit handles it all for you, ensuring that you're always geared up for top-tier crawling adventures.

Say goodbye to complex installations and adjustments - the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON arrives fully preassembled, ready to hit the ground running. Whether you're an experienced RC enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of remote-controlled excitement, this kit invites you to embark on a journey that promises unmatched performance and exhilarating fun.
But that's not all - the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON boasts a remarkable built-in bluetooth capability, allowing you to fine-tune the ESC and motor on the fly through mobile apps. Imagine customizing your performance effortlessly, adapting to the terrain and your skill level in real-time.
Designed to be the ultimate performer, the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON comes armed with an ingenious reverse rotation drive shaft. This pioneering feature reduces the twist force as power increases, granting you unprecedented control and dominance over even the most challenging terrains.

Crafted for performance, built for durability, and perfected for your ultimate enjoyment. The Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON is more than just an RC crawler; it's your gateway to conquering the uncharted. Prepare to redefine what it means to dominate the trail, all while basking in the envy of onlookers.

Experience the thrill of tackling challenging terrains with ease, and let the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON redefine your understanding of RC excellence. Unleash the power of Furitek's brushless innovation and immerse yourself in an adventure that's as exhilarating as it is electrifying. Are you ready to blaze a trail like never before? Embrace the future of RC crawling with the Furitek FX118 FURY WAGON today!

- Front & Rear Portal Axles 
- All Bullet Proof Metal Gears 
- Oil-Filled Big Bore Shocks with aluminum caps
- LCG Anodized Aluminum Chassis 
- Servo On Axle Steering System 
- Furitek Venom BRUSHLESS Motor 
- Furitek Lizard Pro BRUSHLESS ESC with FOC technology
- Built-in bluetooth module for esc control via apps
- Extra Clearance FURY WAGON Lexan Body 
- Scale Detail Molded Body Parts w/Roof Light System
- 1.2inch Internal High performance Beadlock Wheels & Tires 
- Large Steering Angle up to 45 degrees 
- Widely Adjustable Shock Geometry 
- Reverse Rotation Drive Shaft
- 600mAh 2s lipo battery for long running time
- 4CH TX/RX included and compatible with Furitek brushless system



Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
david daugherty

best truck

Dan Willett
The best micro crawler I have ever owned

This FX118 Fury Wagon looks so good in green & is the best 1/18 crawler on the market & the 1st brushless outrunner motor rtr that came to the market. Excellent job on this one Furitek it performs great & so happy with my purchase. Make sure to purchase a ball bearing kit so you can keep from wearing out parts prematurely.

Dan Gibbs
Great product

Loved the truck for the 2 days it worked then lost forward downloaded the app and updated everthing was able to get forward but no reverse and a few days later the batter wouldn't charge anymore. So it was sent to the Furitek tech guy. I will say the response i got was fast. So now just waiting on the Teck guy to get the truck and figure out if it can be fixed or they said they would send me a new truck. Very satisfied with the response and the truck was awesome for the first 2 days so i think it will be a great truck just think i got a bum one to start off with

Trey Dube
Awesome RIG!!

Works perfect out of the box!!

zach gokay
Beasty lil truck

This thing is great right out the box. I have scx24,fcx18, and this. This keeps up and outdoes my heavily modded scx24 in a bunch of situations. The drivetrain is really good. Is probs your best rtr in the 1/24-1/18 size. Would def be 5 stars but mine had a pinched wire that I had to fix. Few min and runs perfect.

Daphne A Marcil
Perfect and affordable.

I ended up adding a bunch of aftermarket upgrades, but it ran pretty great out of the box.

J White
Best Crawler RTR ever!!!

Everything about this crawler, FX118 Fury Wagon, says, quality! The materials, hardware, radio gear, it just works, and works well. I definitely recommend the ball bearings for it though. My only criticism, a better owners manual would be nice.
Cheers! Awesome truck!

Joe Chivington

Great RTR 1/18 scale wagon

Jamison Taupier
Easier Than You'd Think - Setup, Pros & Cons

I'm a total newbie. I have no idea what I'm doing. I haven't owned an RC car since some toys in the 90s. So I did a little research, and this thing seemed like a good amount of bang for my buck. Why bother buying something cheaper that's going to need a lot of upgrades when I can just have them preinstalled by people who know what they're doing, right? And it seems like FuriTek makes a good number of the upgrades I'd want, especially the brushless motor and ESC, which I eventually found out stands for Electronic Speed Controller. Anyway, I got my Fury Wagon in the mail shockingly fast, and it comes with zero instructions, just some tech specs and an exploded diagram of all the wee little parts and their numbers!-- but that's way less of a problem than you'd think.

Pull the clips out, lift the body up (be careful not to yank it and pull on the wire for the LED light bar), and you'll see the battery. Plug that in, then flip the switch on the ESC on the back. The transmitter is already bound to the receiver (do note you'll need 4x AAA batteries for the transmitter). Download the FuriCar app for your phone, it'll automatically detect the car and then you can go about making all sorts of tweaks and throttle adjustments. My old clumsy fingers really appreciate that, I found the throttle really jumpy out of the box but the fully programmable throttle curve and punch/startup settings make it so much easier to begin and maintain a slow and controllable crawl. You can also set a Bluetooth name for your car and a passcode, plus some safety settings, like a voltage cutoff for the battery and a temperature cutoff for the motor.

In terms of upgrades and tweaks, it's clear this is both capable as a stock rig and also extremely tunable and ready to accept upgrades or alternate parts. I bought the brass wheel hexes at the same time as the truck, and they add a nice amount of heft to the bottom of the truck to help it stick to rocks and bop around less. I also moved the front shocks back a bit, we'll see how that works out next time I run it. As is, it climbs an amazing number of obstacles with a careful approach angle and steady crawl. Even as a newbie, I can put my tires exactly where I want them.

Alright... PRO/CON time! To preface this, I would rate the Fury Wagon 4.5 stars if I could, but since there are no half stars and I've been enjoying the hell out of it I feel like it's only fair to round up. That being said, I'm not going to pull any punches as to what I think FuriTek could do to get that theoretical extra half star.


PRO: Extremely capable right out of the box. They're not messing with you with the "RTR" label or the promised upgrades. Drop 4xAAA batteries in the transmitter, plug the LiPo battery into the truck, and you're up and crawling over all sorts of obstacles.
CON: It's not exactly everything you need. You'll get a cute little tire iron that makes a serviceable hex socket wrench, but you're going to need a 1.5mm hex key. Why they don't include one is beyond me. I would also recommend some small smooth needlenose pliers for getting at the plug for the LED bar and some of the harder to reach nuts if you want to go about tweaking stuff. If you actually want to get at everything, you're probably going to want a set of fine tools (I got mine from iFixit).

PRO: Super easy to run. Connect battery, turn on ESC, it goes beep. Turn on transmitter, it goes different beep. Boot up app, automatically detect car and access all sorts of settings.
CON: Literally no instructions whatsoever. You just kind of have to figure that stuff out. There's no real manual, just a single sheet of transmitter/battery tech specs and an exploded diagram of parts. Speaking of which, the battery charger makes me uncomfortable, and the lack of documentation's not helping. It doesn't seem to be unsafe, but it also doesn't seem to function as described. As a newbie I can't really say much more than that the discrepancy makes me uncomfortable. I'm also left with a ton of questions that aren't essential at the moment but I'm going to want answers for sooner or later.


Overall, I'm impressed with how easy the Fury Wagon was to get up and running, and how capable it is out of the box. The lack of instructions is mostly offset by how easily everything works. In terms of value, the Fury Wagon is currently the king of this price point.

Antwain Harris
solid car good price

great car ..great adjustability ..love the brushless system at this price point...only issue i had was when i put bigger wheels on it the truck body would pull to one side...but besides that love the truck

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